Mining cryptocurrencies are one of the best ways to earn cryptocurrencies. If you are thinking to build your own most profitable mining rig this is the best solution for you under $2800.

This post will guide you through the best mining rig hardware to assemble your mining rig. For this mining rig, we will be using 7 Graphics Cards. Our main aim to get the best Graphics card that will give us the best mining hash rates.

Low on a budget? Don’t worry Here is the 6GPU mining rig guide under$2400.

Using this mining rig you can mine Ethereum/Ethereum Classic/Ubiq/Dubaicoin/ ZCash / Zcash Classic / Bitcoinz / Bitcoin Gold / Zencash / Hush / Komodo & Monero as well.

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7GPU profitable mining rig build

To build this mining rig you are going to need following components:

#1 Graphics Cards

For building the profitable Ethereum mining rig considering the budget we set i.e $2400. I am going to use Zotac GTX 1060.  Buy 6 numbers of Graphics card for this mining rig.

GPU GTX 1060

Model Number : ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 AMP Edition 6GB

Mining Hashrates/unit
Ethereum: 21-25 Mh/s
ZCash: 300 Sols/s
Monero: 525H/s
TDP: 120 Watts

#2 Motherboard

For 7GPU cards you need a motherboard that can support all your GPUs. ASUS Prome Z270-A  This motherboard supports 7 GPU and you can attach the GPU via RISERS.

Also, the motherboard supports DDR4 RAM with Intel Processor having LGA 1150 socket.

The motherboard is the base of your mining rig, everything that you are going to build depends upon your motherboard.

asus mbModel No: ASUS PRIME Z270-A

GPU Support: 7 Graphics Cards
CPU Socket: LGA 1151
RAM Socket: DDR4

#3 CPU

For this rig, I am using the cheapest LGA1151 CPU. Intel Celeron is the best choice for mining build. We are building a GPU based mining rig. So, instead of paying more for i7,i5 or i3 Celeron will do best.

cpuModel No: Intel Celeron G3900

Max PCI-e lanes 16
Frequency: 2,8GHz
Cores: 2

#4 Storage

We are going to use 120GB of fast SSD storage to get your mining rig up and running easy and fast. You can even use HDD. But using SSD will save the processing time and will provide better efficiency.


Model No: Kingston A400 120GB

Storage: 120GB
Read/Write: 500Mb/s – 450Mb/s

#5 RAM

The motherboard mentioned above support DDR4 RAM. Buy a 4GB DDR4 RAM, Buying two at once is always a great deal. Yes! you only need to use one. Another one you can keep spare.

RAm 4 GB

Model No: Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB 2400MHz (2x4GB)

Module size: 4GB
Frequency: 2400MHz

#6 Power Supply

This mining rig will consume around 700W to 850W of power. I recommend using 2000 Watt Power supply because this is the best option for this cheap build. I always preferred to buy more power supply. Choosing a wrong PSU could damage your rig.

1200WModel No: EVGA Super NOVA 1200 P2 80+ PLATINUM

Modular: Fully Modular
Sata Connections: 12
Molex Connections: 5
VGA Connections: 6x 6+2-pins, 2x 6-pins

#7 Risers

Risers play important role connecting GPU’s to the motherboard. You will need 8 PCI-E risers card. Buying one extra is always a best buy.


Model No: New PCIe VER 006 PCI-E 1X to 16X Powered Riser Adapter

Riser Version: 006
Connection: MOLEX to SATA
USB Cable Length: 60cm

#8 Frame

Using a Mining rig frame is important. It helps to keep the temperature of your mining rig under control. Resulting to increase in mining effeciancy.

8 gpu mining rigModel No: Aluminum GPU Mining Case Rig Open Air Frame For ETH/ETC/ ZCash (8 GPU)

GPU Support: 6 Graphics Cards
PSU Support: 2
Material: Aluminum
Stackable: Yes

#9 Power Buttons:

Last but not least. You will also need power button to Turn ON/OFF your mining rig. Remember do not buy them separately. Buying with other components will save shipping charges.

power button mining cryptocointek

#10 OS

You can always use Windows OS for mining. But using Linux is always the best choice.

Linux is Free. My favorite is Ubuntu


This mining rig will cost you around $2800 (Price may vary a little). You can make a profit of $350.49 every month(Approx).

You can also mine other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum Classic/Ubiq/Dubaicoin/Zcash/Monero etc. This rig gives the best performance considering the cost.

To gain more profit I always prefer to hold the coins for the long term.

Investing in mining rig always is the best choice. When you decided to stop mining you can resell those components.

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ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 6GB  :
ASUS PRIME Z270-A LGA1151 Motherboard :
Intel CPU Celeron G3900 2.80Ghz :
Kingston Digital 120GB SSD :
Corsair RAM 8GB (2x4GB) DDR4 :
EVGA SuperNOVA 1200W Power Supply :
Riser 6 PIN 1x to x16 :
8 GPU Miner Case Aluminum  :
2 Pin SW PC Power Cable on/off Push :


Expected Mining Hashrates
Ethereum/Ethereum Classic/Ubiq/Dubaicoin: 175 Mh/s
ZCash/Hush: 2150 Sols/s
Monero: 3665H/s
Power: 700-800 Watts

Estimated Expected Earnings: Check here


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