Now-a-days everyone is talking about Bitcoin. You might have heard a lot of people talking about Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Mining cryptocurrencies is one of the best way to earn them. For mining cryptos, you can build GPU mining rig and or use ASIC miners.

ASIC miners are powerful and costly. I will recommend you to go for GPU mining rig first and then Buy ASIC’s ones you will get your ROI.

Recently I have published a Profitable mining rig build guide. With good ROI (Return on investment).

This article is all about informing you the best GPU for mining cryptocurrencies in 2018.

Well, the first question comes into our mind when we decide to mine crypto is, Which is the best GPU for mining?

In the beginning, I was also confused while building my first mining rig about “which graphic card to be used?” I started mining for 8 months, & I have built a number of mining rigs using different graphic cards for different coins. In this article, I’m going to help you to choose the best GPU for your mining rig.

So first things first.

Let’s talk about your Mining Goals!

The first question you should ask yourself is “What are your mining goals?” To make more profit, Or to mine most of the coins in the shorter time period?  Or just for fun? What type of fund you have? A limited budget or unlimited fund???

The answers to these questions will dramatically change the rig you want to build.

So once’s you’ve decided your goal, the next step will be to find out the best GPU for your mining rig.


Nvidia and AMD are the two companies who make GPU’s (Graphics Processing Unit). There are number of companies who manufactures the graphic cards using these GPU’s. Such as MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte, Evga, Zotac, etc.

There are numbers of different models available in the graphic cards such as AMD RX400 Series, AMD RX 500 Series, AMD RX Vega 56, AMD RX Vega64, Nvidia GTX 1060, GTX 1070, GTX 1080, and GTX 1080Ti etc. All these GPU’s are voted as best for mining cryptocurrencies. Each one has its own potential to perform.

That again creates a question, Which graphics card should you buy? AMD or Nvidia?

best gpu cryptocointek

To make it simple we can categorize the graphics cards into further types. That will help us to choose the best GPU for our need.

  1. AMD RADEON (Low to mid range)
  2. NVIDIA GTX (Low to mid range)
  3. AMD RADEON VEGA (Mid to high range)

Both AMD and Nvidia are best for mining. But it depends upon your goal and which coin you want to mine. You can choose a suitable GPU card.

Nvidia GPU’s gives the best performance for some algorithms while AMD for some other. Both have their different qualities.

best gpu for mining rig cryptocointek

AMD RX series graphics cards give the best performance in mining DaggerHashimoto algorithm. Using these graphics you can mine Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Dubaicoin (DBIX), UBIQ (UBQ), etc.

AMD graphic cards also perform well for the Cryptonight algorithm. AMD Vega series is best for this algo. You can even use RX series if you have a low budget. Monero (XMR), Bytecoin (BCN), Electronium (ETN), Sumocoin (SUMO) etc coins supports Cryptonight algorithm.

Check out our Profitable Monero mining rig build guide.

While in other hand, Nvidia graphics cards are best for Equihash algorithm. Zcash (ZEC), Zcash classic (ZCL), Hush (HUSH), Komodo (KDM), Bitcoin Gold (BTG) etc, coins support equihash algo.

Yes, I did not mention Bitcoin because now-a-days mining Bitcoin with Graphic card is not that much profitable. Bitcoin uses SHA256 Algorithm for mining and mining difficulties for bitcoin is a way to high.  If you still want to mine bitcoins you can use ASIC’s.

So, when you are looking for the best GPU for mining, you’ll have to bear in mind the amount of memory card as well as the cost and power consumption.

The cryptocurrency market is flooded with around 1200 different cryptocurrencies. And these cryptocurrencies use several different proofs and verification algorithms.

Best GPU for mining.

AMD Radeon RX Series

As I have mentioned above to mine Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies which support Daggerhashimoto proof of work algorithm AMD RX series graphic cards has the best features.

AMD RX400 / RX500

RX 560 Radion GPU mining cryptocointek

AMD RX series graphics can be categorized in low to mid-level price range. You can get these GPU at a cheaper price than other cards.

These graphics cards are the favorite among the miner communities. Due to their performance and price.

RX 400 series cards are very old. Also these cards have no resale value. But As compare to price they have very good performance. RX480 will produce approx 29 MH/s while mining ethereum (Ethhash algo).

For building a profitable mining rig under limited budget I recommend RX580. Buy RX580 8GB rather than 480. They will give better performance as well as the energy efficiency. And the main thing is RX 580 have more resale value than 480.

AMD cards are energy efficient but they do not have good resale value. Also, there is a news that saying ethereum is switching from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake.

Soilcoin, ubiq, Dubaicoin, and Ethereum classic are the ethhash minable coins. If you find ethereum is less profitable you can mine these coins also.

Specifications of AMD RX580 8GB

  • Power – 185W
  • Memory – 8GB DDR5
  • Memory Clock Speed – 2000 MHz
  • Boost Clock Speed – 1340

Mining performance of AMD RX580

 Ethereum Ethhash 30.2 MH/s
 Zcash Equihash 290 H/s
 Litecoin Scrypt 650 kH/s
 Monero Cryptonite 690 H/s
 Dash X11ghost 6.9 MH/s
 Verge Lyra2Re 5700 kH/s

NVIDIA Gforce GTX 1060

Nvidia GTX 1060 mining cryptocointek

Nvidia graphics cards are the most popular among both miners as well as gamer’s community. They gives the best performance for both the users. And as a miner, one thing I like the most about Nvidia GPU is the cards have best resale value.

Equihash algorithm loves Nvidia GPU’s. Using Nvidia GPU for mining this algorithm will give you the best outcome. ROI wise these are the best cards. Buy 6GB cards rather than 3GB

Cryptocurrencies like Zcash, Zcash Classic, Bitcoinz, Komodo, Hush, Zencashetc currently use Equihash as their proof of work algorithm. Bitcoin Gold, a hard fork of the original Bitcoin is also using Equihash to block ASICs and only allow GPU mining.

Specifications of GTX1060 6GB

  • Power – 120W
  • Memory – 6GB DDR5
  • Memory Clock Speed – 1706 MHz
  • Boost Clock Speed – 1340
  • Memory Speed – 8Gbps
  • Memory Bus Width – 192Bits

Mining Performance of GTX1060

 Ethereum Ethhash 22.5 MH/s
 Zcash Equihash 270 H/s
 Litecoin Scrypt 620 kH/s
 Monero Cryptonite 430 H/s
 Dash X11ghost 7.5 MH/s
 Verge Lyra2Re 20300 kH/s

Nvidia Gforce GTX 1070

Nvidia GTX 1070 mining cryptocointek

This is one of the best graphics card available in the market. For both Gaming as well as Mining. NVIDIA Gforce GTX 1070. It gives the best hash rates for mining.  It also comes with 8GB of memory. And has more resale value than GTX1060.

If you are really thinking to become a crypto miner you should go with GTX1070. They are one of the best mining GPUs. Also, Nvidia cards have great resale value.

Recently Nvidia also launched GTX170Ti. But I think GTX1080Ti would be a good choice.

GTX 1070 gives the best performance for mining Equihash algorithm with the Bus width of 256. Using you can mine Zcash, Zclassic, Bitcoin Gold, etc and make good profits.

Specifications of GTX1070

  • Power – 150W
  • Memory – 8GB DDR5
  • Memory Clock Speed – 1686 MHz
  • Memory Speed – 8Gbps
  • Memory Bus Width – 256Bits

Mining Performance of GTX1070

 Ethereum Ethhash 30 MH/s
 Zcash Equihash 430 H/s
 Litecoin Scrypt 1000 kH/s
 Monero Cryptonite 630 H/s
 Dash X11ghost 15.8 MH/s
 Verge Lyra2Re 35500 kH/s

NVIDIA Gforce GTX 1080

Nvidia GTX 1080 mining cryptocointek

GTX 1080 performs more likely same as GTX 1070. Buying a GTX1070 is always the best choice than 1080. If you have already purchased this card, then don’t worry still you can make a good profit from it.  But if you are looking forward to buy these I’ll suggest you to go with 1070 and surely make good profit from it, but GTX1080Ti is only for some more money. They both are always a better choice.

Specifications of GTX1080

  • Power – 180W
  • Memory: 8GB DDR5
  • Memory Clock Speed – 1600 MHz
  • Memory Speed – 10Gbps
  • Memory Bus Width – 256Bits

Mining Performance of GTX1080

 Ethereum Ethhash 23.3 MH/s
 Zcash Equihash 550 H/s
 Litecoin Scrypt 1060 kH/s
 Monero Cryptonite 580 H/s
 Dash X11ghost 13.5 MH/s
 Verge Lyra2Re 46500kH/s

Nvidia Gforce GTX 1080Ti

Nvidia GTX 1080ti mining cryptocointek

The Nvidia GTX 1080Ti is one of the most powerful graphics cards in the world. And the best mining graphics card you can buy today. This is a high level and expensive GPU. The power consumption is also high compared to others. Which means the ROI (Return on Investment) is longer.

1080Ti comes with DDR5x memory instead of DDR5 resulting better mining performance. The card also performs well on many algorithms.

In terms of hash rates 1080Ti produce a great amount of hash rates compared to other cards. You could make a good amount of profit after ROI.

Specifications of GTX1080 Ti

  • Power – 250W
  • Memory – 11GB DDR5
  • Memory Clock Speed – 1600 MHz
  • Memory Speed – 11Gbps
  • Memory Bus Width – 352Bits

Mining Performance of GTX1080 Ti

 Ethereum Ethhash 35.9 MH/s
 Zcash Equihash 689 H/s
 Litecoin Scrypt 1450 kH/s
 Monero Cryptonite 850 H/s
 Dash X11ghost 20.3 MH/s
 Verge Lyra2Re 64050kH/s

AMD RX VEGA 56 and VEGA 64

AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 mining cryptocointek

One thing I like about AMD cards is that they are very much energetic efficient than Nvidia. Nowadays these cards are best in terms of mining Ethereum and Monero.

If you are talking about efficiency then these cards are the much better compare to other cards.

RX Vega is the most powerful graphics card that I have ever seen. Well at least as far as the mining performance is considered.

Unlike most other graphics cards which use GDDR5 or GDDR5X, RX Vega uses HBM. HBM stands for High Bandwidth Memory. Both the Vega 56 and Vega 64 use HBM2 which give them an incredible advantage over other cards in mining.

But what should you mine?

Currently, you can yield great result by mining any cryptocurrencies that use Cryptonight algorithm. This includes popular cryptocurrencies like Monero, Digitalnote, Sumokoin etc.

You can reach up to 1950 H/s while mining with a single Vega 64. While with a Vega 56 running Vega 64 bios you can clock as high as 1850 H/s.

You can also configure the RX Vega 56 without tweaking the bios and achieve the same performance, but it’s a bit unstable. This kind of performance can only be achieved by using RX Vega’s HBCC or High Bandwidth Cache Controller technique.

In my opinion, Vega 64 is the best choice than Vega56. Vega 64 also has a Liquid cool model. Which keeps the graphics cards below 60 degree Celsius all the time and also has a better mining performance than Vega 64.

Specifications of AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 and Vega 56

  • Power – 295W,       210W
  • Memory – 8GB HBM2
  • Memory Clock Speed – 945 MHz,      800MHz
  • Memory Bandwidth – 484 GB/s,     410GB/s

Mining Performance of AMD Vega 56

 Ethereum Ethhash 36.5 MH/s
 Zcash Equihash 440 H/s
 Litecoin Scrypt 290 kH/s
 Monero Cryptonite 1850 H/s
 Dash X11ghost 10.5 MH/s
 Verge Lyra2Re 13000 kH/s

Mining Performance of AMD Vega 64

 Ethereum Ethhash 40 MH/s
 Zcash Equihash 450 H/s
 Litecoin Scrypt 290 kH/s
 Monero Cryptonite 1900 H/s
 Dash X11ghost 12.2 MH/s
 Verge Lyra2Re 13200kH/s

Dedicated Mining GPU Cards

Mining RX 470 GPU cryptocointek

We all know that mining is the best way to earn cryptocurrency. Because of the popularity about crypto mining both AMD and Nvidia are facing stock problem. The shortage of supply caused an increment in amount of GPU cards by almost 30%.

One important fact is GPUs where not meant to be made for mining. The main purpose is for Gaming and video editing.

So to prevent a shortage of graphics cards both Nvidia and AMD have introduced. Mining GPU cards which are specially designed for cryptocurrency mining. These cards are more durable than the gaming cards as they are designed to run 24/7.

The price is also low than the gaming GPUs. And they are easily available. I have not bought any mining GPU yet. But if you want to try I recommend only ASUS Mining RX470 Card.

ASUS Mining RX470 card comes with a Display adapter. Which means, you can use these cards for gaming also. While in other hand other brands does not provide display adapter with mining GPU.

AMD dedicate mining GPU card: Mining RX 470 ( 4GB )

Nvidia dedicated mining GPU card: P106-100 (6GB)  & P104-100(4GB)

Final Words

Each card has its own strong points and performs well in suitable mining environment which takes us back to our main question which cryptocurrency you want to mine.

If you want to mine Ethereum, go with a low-cost RX 580, Or with mid range Vega 64 for powerful ethereum mining. . Nvidia 1080 and 1080Ti is best for Zcash mining. Same as if you are mining Monero then you will not get as much hash rate as an RX Vega card.

Before buying any product I’ll suggest you to do your own research. Cryptocurrency bubble is not trustworthy. It could burst anytime. Also, invest only what you can afford to lose.

If you find this article helpful, please share. It will help us to create more helpful content for you. Also share your thoughts in the comment box below.



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