Hello miners, So in this article I am going to show you how to mine Zencash (ZEN) or Zcash(ZEC). Well, A mining rig allows you to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, etc. These cryptocurrencies can then be traded for goods and services and real-world cash such as USD.

Mining the right crypto-currencies with a promising future is a very nice idea, Zencash is crypto coin with a nice future ahead of it, I advise you to mine and hold cryptocurrency with promising future.

So, as I mentioned this article will guide you how to mine Zencash. Zencash(ZEN) is a profitable decentralized privacy based cryptocurrency. To learn more about what is Zencash?, Its features and best GPU for mining Zencash visit our Zencash guide here

Mining cryptocurrencies are one of the best ways to earn them. And building a profitable mining is important to get the better ROI (Return On Investment).

To build this Zencah profitable mining rig I am using Nvidia GTX 1080Ti GPU cards. Why? Nvidia’s GPU cards give the best performance mining Zencash/Equihash algorithm. They produce best hash rates for the Equihash Algorithm. More the hash rates more the profit. Simple!

As I mentioned I am building this mining rig for mining Zencash. You can also mine other cryptocurrencies like Zcash, Ethereum etc.

Zencash(ZEN) is one of the most profitable minable cryptocurrency these days. Zencash uses an Equihash algorithm. And the rig we are building will give you the best performance mining Equihash.

So without further ado lets get started to mine Zencash.


  1. Choosing a components for mining profitable zencash rig.
  2. Assemble a mining rig.
  3. Install Operating system.
  4. Get a Zencash wallet address.
  5. Download and install Mining software. and configure it.
  6. Start mining.

Components Required for Profitable Mining Rig.

Building a mining rig is same as assembling a computer. Only with more than one GPU cards. More the GPU cards you used more the hash-rates rig will generate.

More hash-rates = more profit.

We are building a GPU based mining rig. For this Zencash profitable mining rig, I am using 8X Nvidia GTX 1080Ti GPU cards. 1080TI is the powerful GPU card.


#1Nvidia GTX 1080Ti

Nvidia GTX 1080 mining cryptocointekThis is one of the most important components for our profitable Zencash mining rig. The whole efficiency, mining power, Our investment, ROI depends upon GPU cards.

Choosing a best GPU card for your profitable mining rig is one of the most important steps. There are two pioneers manufactures the GPU NVIDIA and AMD. Each GPU cars has its own special features. and perform different mining different cryptocurrencies.

I am using this mining rig to mine Zencash coin. Maybe in future, I’ll mine Zcash. Both cryptocurrencies have POW Equihash algorithm. Nvidia performs best in mining Equihash. That’s why I am using Nvidia’s GTX 1080TI.

GTX1080Ti is one of the best graphics cards you can buy for mining cryptocurriencies. 1080Ti is the most efficient.

The card will produce maximum hash rates for many algorithms. That means better ROI (Return on Investment). After ROI you will be making a very good amount of profit.

The single Nvidia GTX 1080Ti will produce 690h/s (stock values) We are using 6 GPU cards. That means our rig will generate.

6 X 690 = 4140 h/s mining Equihash algorithm.

For now, I am using only 6 GPU cards. You can use 8number of GPU cards. Our rig is expandable.

If you are low on budget you can even start with the lower number of GPU cards and expand your rig slowly.

Buy 1080Ti From Amazon

#2 Motherboard

Motherboard mining cryptocointeFor this Zencash profitable mining rig, I am using BIOSTAR TB250-BTC+ Motherboard. This motherboard supports 8 GPU cards. LGA1151 Socket, and DDR4 RAM.

This is one of the best motherboards I have ever used for mining. Price is also low. You can even buy other boards with 6PCIe and 2X M2 Slot for $79. But again the M2 cards will cost extra.

This motherboard will cost you approx 190 USD. This is the best Motherboard for our Zencash profitable mining rig.

Buy MB From Amazon

#3 CPU

INTEL CPU mining cryptocointekThe Motherboard has LGA1151 Socket. For this mining rig, Intel Pentium is the best option. You can even use Intel Celeron processor to lower the cost. I am using Pentium Duel core CPU.

Purchasing a higher CPU such as Intel i7, i5 will increase our mining rig cost. Which means lower ROI. And we are not using CPU for mining cryptocurrency. It’s just a required component.

Remember we are building a powerful and profitable mining rig which will mine cryptocurrencies for us using GPU cards.

Buy CPU From Amazon

#4 RAM

The above-mentioned motherboard supports DDR4 RAM. For this mining rig, 4 GB of RAM is more than sufficient. RAM does not affect out mining speed. It is the component only required to keep our rig on.

So do not spend more for 8GB RAM. You can even purchase two RAM 4GB of each. The combo is less expensive. And you can use one for spare.

Buy RAM From Amazon

#5 Storage Device

SSD mining cryptocointekWell, actually we are required much storage for our mining rig. I am using HDD which was lying around. For our profitable mining rig, we only need a storage to store our OS (Operating system) and some mining software like a miner and Zencash wallet.

If you are buying new storage device I’ll recommend SDD. Why? SDD is more reliable and faster than HDD. And they are only a few bucks extra to spend.

By using SSD’s you will increase processing speed and reduce the transfer time.

I use SanDisk SSD Plus they are pretty cheap and reliable.

Buy SSD From Amazon

#6 Power Supplypsu EVG 1000W mining cryptocointekYou will need 2 PSU.

Mining rigs are hungry for power. You are going to use 6 GPU cards. Each GPU will consume approx 190W of power supply.

Our 6 GPU cards all together will consume around 1140W approx. if you are using 8 then it’s 1520W.

The whole mining rig will consume approx 1820W of the power supply for 8 GPU cards. To fulfill this requirement I recommend using two 1000W of power supply units.

Buying extra supply is always the best option. I am using EVGA 1000GQ PSU. EVGA manufactures the best power supply units. I am mining for a long time and not a single PSU got me any trouble.

Choosing a wrong power supply could damage your mining rig


#7 Riser cards

raiser mining cryptocointekRisers card are used to connect the Graphics card to the motherboard. RISERS are easy to install. Connect GPU card on RISER and connect the Riser to the motherboard. Simple!

You will need 8 RISERS cards. One for each GPU card If you are using 6 GPU buy 8 Two for spare.

One thing to remember here. I have noticed that while attaching the riser cards to the motherboard. The ports are so close to each other that risers touch to each other. In this case this could damage your Riser cards or even GPU cards.

Use plastic in between the riser cards if they are touching each other. that way we can avoid sparks and damage.

Buy Risers From Amazon

#8 PSU Adaptor

psu adaptor mining cryptocointekYou are using 2 numbers of power supply for our mining rig. To run those two PSUs simultaneously you are going to need an adapter cable. To connect the both PSU.

These adapters are pretty cheap don’t waste on buying this cable individually – Buy it with the other components.

Refer the following image to connect both of your power supply units. –

psu connection mining cryptocointek

Buy Adaptor From Amazon

#9 Mining Rig

Zencash mining rigUsing a mining rig is always a better idea. Do not keep the components on the floor. You can buy a rig from Amazon directly.

But you know what? You can build one for your self. That way you can save some more bucks!!  When you order the products form the Amazon it will take some time to deliver. Till you can create a one good mining rig frame.

You are going to use 8 GPU card. So you need to create a big one. You need to make sure that all the components like GPU, Motherboard, 2PSU, etc will fit well. Post an image of your mining rig on our Facebook page. We would love to see what you have created.

Make sure that there is enough air flow.

Buy Rig From Amazon

#10 Power Buttons

power button mining cryptocointek

Last but not least!! A power cable. These cables are required to turn our rig on or off

Buy ATX Power switch. These small wires with a button attached well go directly to the motherboard. You can turn ON/OFF the rig with the button. Try to buy these with other components that way you will cut out the shipping charges.

Small but important!!!

That’s all we need.

Buy Buttons From Amazon

Now Ones you get  all the components It’s time to assemble them. You can assemble the rig by your self it’s easy. Or you can hire a computer guy. As I mentioned building a mining rig is nothing but assembling a computer, only with more number of GPU cards.

While assembling a mining rig for first time only install single GPU for now. We will install all the GPU’s after we all set.

Search on the youtube How to assemble a mining rig. for more help.

#11. Linux or Windows ?

Ones your mining rig is assembled Its time to install an operating system in it.

You can use either Windows or Linux operating system for your mining rig. I am using Linux It’s opensource and easy to use. Download Ubuntu

#12 Graphics Drivers

Ones everything is ready Download and install the NVIDIA drivers from her

Now it’s time to attach all the remaining GPU cards to the mining rig. Shutdown your computer and attach all the remaining GPU cards.

On your mining rig and make sure all the connected GPU cards are detected by the computer.

Now the next thing we need is Mining software and wallet address.

Mining Software:

Mining ZenCash is an easy task. Ones you assembled your mining rig make sure the rig detects all the GPUs attached.

Now next step is to download the mining software for mining zencash. For Nvidia GPU I am using and recommending EWBF. Download it from GitHub.

While it’s downloading select the pool you are going to use for Zencash mining. I am using https://zen.zhash.pro/ . They have low pool fees of 0.5%. Also, the pool is fast, responsive and easy to connect.

Another popular pool is miningpoolhub. The pool is very popular and contributes the most amount of hash rate. It has 0.9% pool fees. And you need to register to start mining.

Ones you download is complete extract the zip file you downloaded.

Windows Zencash mining

Inside the extracted folder you’ll have to make a copy of the start.bat file.

Now right click on the copied file and select edit.

Enter the following code into the file for pool Zhash.pro

--server [insert server here] --user [your wallet address
here.worker_name_here/your_email] --pass [password here] --port [port
number here]

Edit and insert your information in the bracketed sections.

Save and close the file.

Now double click and open the file you just edited. It will open the command prompt and start mining Zencash for you.  At this point, you should see a screen like this:

If you decide you want to mine to a different pool, just change the same settings in the appropriate file.

Final Words

It is private, secure, untraceable, resilient and minable. Zen aims to jump-start the technological forefront and contribute to humanity through innovation.

Throughout 2018, Zen will deliver a wide range of features and services to its users. The users are hoping to get a properly scalable solution as well as progress on DOA front.

My strategy to earn more profit from mining rig is I hold the coins I mined for some time. That I could gain more profit and Better ROI.

Remember cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. Invest your asset wisely.

Please share this article. Comment your thoughts and questions below in the comment box.

Thank you.

Update: Jun 2018

Mining Zencash (ZEN) is more profitable these days. According to Whattomine.com you can make almost $12 /day with this 6 GPU mining rig. Which means $2 per GPU.

Even though the market is down I am making a good amount of money with mining rig. What is your experience? let me know in the comments below.


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