Hello, crypto miners! So, here is a guide to building 13 GPU Zcash profitable mining rig. In this guide, I’m going to cover all the required components you need to build this Zcash mining rig for 2018.

I have listed the required hardware down below, along with Amazon links for you to buy.

13 GPU Zcash Mining Rig Build

So our goal is to build a profitable mining rig for Zcash mining. To do so we are going to use 13 Nvidia’s GTX 1070 GPU cards. They will produce approx 5600 Sol/s altogether.

Zcash is one of the most profitable cryptocurrency for mining nowadays. Zcash uses an Equihash algorithm. And Nvidia gives best performance mining Equihash than any other GPU.

You can also mine other coins/algorithms using the same rig such as.

Coins using Equihash Algo:

  • BitcoinGold (BTG): Equihash Algo
  • Zencash (ZEN): Equihash Algo
  • HushCoin (HUSH): Equihash Algo
  • Zclassic (ZCL): Equihash Algo

Other coins such as

  • Litecoin (LTC): Scrypt Algo
  • Dash (DASH): X11Ghost Algo etc

But we are focusing on Zcash because Mining Zcash coin is more profitable nowadays that any other coin.


Building a GPU mining rig is nothing but the assembling a computer. Only with more than one graphics card.

So, to build this profitable mining rig the hardware components we are going to need is –

1. EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 GPU cards

You will need 13 GPU cards.

GPU 1070 EVGEVGA provides best Nvidia Graphics Cards. With one GTX 1070 Nvidia Graphics card you can achieve ~430 Sol/s. With 13 GPUs you can achieve the hash rate of up to 5600 Sol/s.

To build this mining rig I am using 13 GPU cards. If you are on less budget you can use less number of cards and slowly increase them. But make sure to use the same components I am using for this rig.

So, Why I am using Nvidia cards for this mining rig and not AMD?

Well, the answer is. Nvidia cards give the best performance in mining while consuming low power. And our focused coin uses an Equihash algorithm. Equihash is the best algorithm for mining using Nvidia’s GPU.

More hash rates = more profit.

Another main reason I am using Nvidia Series 10 is that they have a higher resell value than the AMD cards. You know, In case if the crypto bubble pops, I can resale these cards for the better price.

So, here is the link to buy Nvidia GTX1070. Buy 13 of them.

2. PCI-E 16x to 1x Risers

risersRisers card are used to connect Graphics card to the motherboard. Because we are using more than one graphics cards it’s not possible to attach them directly to the motherboard.

Using risers we can attach more than one GPU to our motherboard easily. Simply attach each GPU card to each riser. And then each of those riser cards to the motherboard.

You will need 13 RISERS for our ZEC mining Rig. Buy two more extra as spare.

The next important component we are going to need is a Motherboard.

3. Asrock H110 Pro BTC+ 13GPU Mining Motherboard

MBFor this mining rig, we are building I would love to recommend an Asrock H110 Pro BTC+  Motherboard. This motherboard supports 13 GPU cards. In comparison, this is a very cheap and affordable motherboard in the market.

Asrock motherboards are very popular in the miners community.The board is designed specially for cryptocurrency mining.

 Motherboards are the base of your mining rig. You have to make sure that there is much air flowing through and should not excess heat. 

4. Patriot Memory Viper Elite Series DDR4 4GB RAM

RAM 4gbRAM is not  going to take any part in your mining. It is only going run the computer. So only 4 GB of RAM is sufficient.

Our mother supports DDR4 RAM. I am using Viper Elite Series 4GB DDR4 RAM

You can buy this from Amazon.

5. Intel 7th Gen Celeron

CPU celeron

We are building a GPU mining rig. in this mining rig we are only using GPU cards for mining cryptocurrencies.

So, the part of the processor in this game is only to keep our rig running. Therefore I am using this Intel 7th Gen Celeron processor.

Intel Pentium processor is also the best choice for this rig. Our motherboard supports both of them.


So, the reason I am using this cheap processor is. We are building a profitable mining rig. To keep our initial investment minimum I am not suggesting to use I3 or I5. Those processors not going to improve our mining efficiency.

6. SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB

SSD 120Our next component is SSD. I am using SSD over HDD is because SSD is much faster than HDD. And they are more reliable for such kind of situation.

You can even use HDD no big deal. But if you are purchasing new components I recommend to use SSD.

Yes! SSD’s are bit expensive but to HDD, but they are only a few more bucks to invest.

Our rig is only using storage devices to run the operating system and mining software. SSD will perform best in data transferring which will improve our rig’s efficiency.

I prefer SanDisk SSD Plus they are pretty cheap and reliable.

7. Corsair AXi Series, AX1500i, 1500 Watt

We are buying 2 of them.

psu 1500

We are building 13 GPU mining rig. Our each GPU card will consume around 180W of Power. Which means 13 GPU will consume around 2400W of power.

For this mining rig we are going to use two Corsair AX1500i power supply units. Each PSU will provide 1500W.

Instead of buying Higher capacity PSU and spending more money. Using two 1500W PSU is smart choice.

As per my experience Corsair and EVGA manufactures the best PSU.

I always preferred to purchase a higher power. Choosing a wrong power supply can damage your rig very bad. And can create serious warranty issue.

8. Thermaltake Dual 24-Pin Mining Adapter Cable

psu adaptor

We are using two power supply units for our mining rig. To run those two PSU’s simultaneously we are going to need an adapter cable. To connect the both PSU.

These adapters are pretty cheap don’t waste on buying this cable individually – Buy them with the other components.

You can connect the mining rig as shown in below image –

psu connection


9. Mining Rig Open Air Frame


Using a mining rig is always the best idea. Do not keep the components on the floor. You can buy a rig from Amazon directly.

But you know what? You can build one for your self. That way you can save some more bucks!!  When you order the products form the Amazon it will take some time to Deliver. Till you can create one good mining rig frame.

We are going to use 13 GPU so you need to create it a big one. You are going to make sure that all the components like GPU, Motherboard, 2PSU, etc will fit well. Post an image of your mining rig on our Facebook page. We would love to see what you have created.

Make sure that there is enough air flow.

I have listed this mining rig that can hold 14 GPU and will be enough.


9. ATX Power switch

power buttonLast but not least!! A power cable. These cables are required to turn our rig on or off

So, we are going to use ATX Power switch these small wires with a button attached well go directly to the motherboard. You can turn ON/OFF the rig with the button. Try to buy these with other components that way you will cut out the shipping charges.

Small but important!!!

That’s all we need.

11. Linux or Windows ?

Windows is always good for mining. But the 13GPU mining rig running on windows may cause some trouble. Sometimes the windows may not recognize all the 13 GPU’s. If you are going to build the same rig with 8 or 6 GPU’s then windows are okay.

There are few guides on the internet where you can achieve all 13 GPU running at once on windows.

But, if you want to run this rig efficiently with 13GPU Linux is what you are going to use. I will highly recommend going with Linux. There would be no problem in mining with 13GPU. You will also cut out some charges by not buying windows.

You know what?? Linux is Free… Download Ubuntu

Final words

My mining rig is making me a good amount of profit. Mining is one of the best ways to earn cryptocurrencies.

I am mining Zcash. Which is a most profitable to mine today. I recommend staying with an Equihash algorithm for this mining rig.

With the current rate and profitability and adding electricity cost, you will easily be able to make $960/month.

(UPDATE – You can get more than $1,882.55 / Month with this rig). This rig is future proof and can be used in 2018 too.

Low on a budget? Start with the lower number of GPU cards then periodically increase them as you earn. Not only this you can always use this mining rig to mine Ethereum, Monero, Bitcoin, etc.

I am using Shushpool. It is best one out there.

So, what do you think about this guide? Please comment below and let me know your reviews. Also Please share and subscribe. Thank you.


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Happy mining!!



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